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Our Haunted History Tour

We are Provincetown Ghost Tours, Provincetown original tour established in 2006. We are a historically based tour; No fictional campfire stories here!!! All our stories have real historical backing right here in Provincetown. Our tour guides are residents and artists that call Provincetown home. Understanding this town's interesting and unique history makes it a one of a kind place. A trip on our tour will be sure to make your experience in Provincetown an adventure you will never forget!

Our nightly tour departs at 9:00pm, lasts 90 minutes, and guests will walk about one mile. We explore many of the town's historical buildings, homes, inns and cemeteries. We tell stories about P-town's past, reported ghost sightings, stories of folklore, strange happenings and the REAL history of Provincetown.

Angie ghost tour.jpeg

Jenny M.

New Jersey

This tour was great! Who knew P-town had so many scary and strange stories.

Mike J.


I can't believe what great pictures I got and the history was amazing...

Abby & Megan


The tour guide was so knowledgeable and entertaining, we had so much fun!!!!

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